I Guess I Still Need to Price Shop…

It’s funny, when it comes to buying technology, I rarely if ever “shop around” because most stores will sell the same product for the same MSRP, or close enough that it doesn’t matter. Imagine my surprise today when I decided to see who had a Linksys 802.11n gigabit router in stock, and I saw a 50% price difference in the products! London Drugs had it for $139, Best Buy had it for $149, and Future Shop had it for…$99! There’s no indication that the Future Shop price is a sale price – so there’s a $50 difference in price on a $150 product. I find it highly amusing that the Linksys Web site has been down all day…you’d think a networking company (Cisco) would know how to keep a Web site online. 😉

  • chrisgohlke

    $99 is pretty good, it is only $10 cheaper at NewEgg.