Are You a Promissory Note Holder With Wealthstreet?

As I mentioned in this previous blog post, for one year I was a promissory note holder with Wealthstreet here in Calgary. We loaned Wealthstreet the money, and got it back with 10% interest on top, and that was the end of it. They asked us if we wanted to re-invest it, and we declined. Others chose to re-invest, or invested for the first time within the past year, and now with Wealthstreet shutting their doors the holders of those promissory notes are wondering what they can do to get their money back. The building that Wealthstreet formerly occupied was purchased by a numbered company owned by Dave Jones, meaning it’s an asset with real value. If you are a holder of a promissory note from Wealthstreet and would like to get organized to take action, please send an email to ***@***. This email address does not go to me – that email address forwards to someone who is a current promissory note holder who is interested in hearing from other promissory note holders who want to take collective action.

UPDATE: The above email address no longer works. The person to whom it went has informed me that she’s no longer seeking other promissory note holders; she’s got a group of them together and they’re taking collective action.