Quechup: The New Internet Plague

If you get an email in your inbox that looks anything like this, delete it and don’t respond:


It seems they have an extremely aggressive way of going after people to get them to join – when someone signs up and the user says “Check for Friends” and selects their address book, rather than scanning the address book and seeing if there’s a match for any of the email addresses, it sends out an invite to every single email address it can find! That’s absolutely ridiculous and ranks right up there with the worst social engineering spyware I’ve seen – the intention of the user is to see which of his friends are already on Quechup, not invite them all. If the option said “Invite all my friends”, which is what it’s really doing, you can be sure most people wouldn’t be selecting that option. Facebook is more than enough for me to try and keep up with, thank you very much…

  • It’s even more evil than I thought:


    “In turn, Quechup decided to send out an email to EVERYONE I’ve ever emailed or gotten an email from. I apologize for this if you got an email from the service as an email from me.”

  • WOW, nothing says “you need to avoid me like the plague” like getting invites from someone you hardly know!

  • Whoa! Thanks for the heads up.
    How long do you think they’ll stay online? Or how long ’till they’re classified as spam?

  • I’m really hoping that someone DDOS’ them straight off the grid…