Say Hello to Logan Robert Dunn

At 7:20 AM on August the 16th, Logan Robert Dunn came into this world via C-Section. Both mother and baby are doing well. He’s 20 inches long, weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces, and was born at the Calgary Foothills hospital. The staff here are great – special thanks to Dr. Paul Martyn for the great job he did on the surgery. This is a wonderful blessing, and I’m humbled and awed that God would give us such a beautiful baby to care for and raise.





  • Congratulations Jason!

  • Congratulations to the little one and to the parents!

  • Congratulations Jason, & get some rest while he’s still sleepy!

  • hishamh

    Jason, Congatulations! Looking forward to pics of the little guy growing up.

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  • Congratulations to Ashley and you Jason, with the birth of little man Logan Dunn!! Enjoy and capture every minute, and I hope Ashley will recover soon.

    P.S. Logan, named after one of the famous X-Men ?? ;oP

  • Cold Flame

    Many congratulations Jason – to you and Ashley. Glad to hear everybody is healthy & happy!

  • ChrisSpera

    Congratulations Jason and Ashley!! Wow! I am so pleased to hear that all is well! Honestly, I didn’t even know you were expecting! Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!

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