Sometimes Things Are Just Too Hard

As much as I love WordPress, I’m stunned at how some of the simplest things don’t seem to work properly, and how no third party developer has stepped up and filled the gap with a simple tool. YouTube videos for example: when I embed them directly into this blog using the code provided by YouTube, the layout breaks and the videos don’t work. I tried one plug-in, and it didn’t work at all. I tried another plug-in, and it worked, but also pulled in all of my recent videos instead of just displaying one. Finally, I looked at this one and it seemed very promising. I installed it, then discovered that my server doesn’t have Curl installed – I use Cpanel, and it’s all automated, so I’m not about to install something new on my server just to use this one plug-in. Why is this so hard? It’s the WordPress plug-in design schema so difficult that no one can create a simple, flexible tool to accomplish this one thing?

  • KTamas

    Ha, and I thought I was doing something wrong when the inserted (well, as it turned out, not quite…) youtube video messed up my page. Gotta try that plugin, thanks for that.

  • emmfan

    Try disabling the rich-text editor. That was the culprit when I ran into the same problem before.

  • You know, I tried disabling the rich-text editor, but when I did so in the options and came back to the Write a Post page, the rich text editor was back. Very strange!

  • emmfan

    I think there are two locations to disable the rich-text editor. One is under Options -> Writing (first checkbox under Formatting) and another is per user, Users -> Your Profile (last checkbox on the bottom). Hopefully, that works.

  • Aha. Good to know. I ended up using Live Writer and a plugin that works like a charm getting YouTube videos into the blog. 🙂