Steve Jobs as Darth Vader

I can’t understand a word of this video, but the visuals are hilarious! It’s fascinating watch some users turn on Apple – they’re a company that has specialized in giving users a specific, highly controlled experience that for the most part works really well. But it seems Apple has finally crossed the line with the iPhone 4 “Antennagate” in terms of being too pushy with their users (“You’re holding it wrong”), and some people are lashing back. It’s very interesting to watch this play out.

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  • The video works well enough even without the voiceover. Essentially it's about how Jobs brought profitability back to Apple, and as Apple exceeds MS in market cap, Apple is getting more and more sinister. The rest is about the iPhone 4 saga which we've all seen in the past few months, with a nod to the Foxconn suicide sag.

    The depiction of the reality distortion field gave me a laugh.