SWAGWATCH: Oakley Laptop Bag from AMD

Given how sensitive some people are in the blogosphere, I thought it might be a fun experiment to keep track of all the swag, review gear, and other assorted sundries that come my way over the next couple of months. It might be enlightening for some people if they saw how much, and what sort of things, come the way of an online reviewer type such as myself.


Above we have a package that appeared out of the blue from AMD – likely related to the Velocity Micro MCE promotion. The bag is quite nice – very high quality, and it stores a laptop vertically, which is one type of bag I actually don’t have (I own around 20 laptop bags/pouches). They also sent along a combo four port USB hub that has an integrated ethernet cable, along with a separate four port travel hub. Both look pretty cheap, but I’ll keep ’em for spares or give them away on Digital Media Thoughts.