Photos From October 2009

October was a busy month from a photography perspective, so here’s a round-up of the photos…


First up,  we have the family photo above taken by Nate Northridge from Northridge Photo.



That’s Auntie Chelsea holding Logan at Ken’s 60th birthday party.


Thanksgiving 2009 was when Logan got to meet his Great-Grandma, Jean Paniak, in Edmonton, Alberta.


October was also Auntie Cariann’s birthday, so we went to celebrate her birthday – and Nana Dunn and Auntie Cariann got to give Logan a bath for the first time.


Photos of Logan’s Second Month At Home

Logan’s two months old now! It’s been a fun month for photos as he’s starting to get more expressive and animated. I worked hard to cull the photos and did pretty well for a month of shooting in terms of keeping the collection tight. I also sold my Nikon D60 and bought a Nikon D5000, so I’ve started to play with DSLR video for the first time. It’s been interesting! I really do need to write about that for Digital Home Thoughts






Such Amazing Generosity: Logan’s First Baby Shower


Earlier this week Logan has his first baby shower, and Ashley and I were blown away at the generosity shown by the friends and family that attended. Logan received books, toys, and a lot of new clothes. That’s a good thing, because he’s growing so fast he’s already not fitting in many of his newborn clothes – and he’s not quite six weeks old yet! We had him weighed and measured last week, and he was 10 pounds and 22 inches long. Could you imagine gaining 25% of your body weight and 10% of your height in only five weeks? It’s amazing how fast babies grow – and Logan has another 18 years or so of growing to do.


More funny onesies from my brother – I love ’em!






Logan Dunn’s Birth Announcement


We’ve emailed this out to a bunch of friends and family, but if we missed anyone, here’s the original full-resolution image ready for printing (4×6 inch size).

The Greatest Baby Shirt Ever Made: Level 1 Human

The Family Meeting Logan - 006

I used think that the “I’m a Boob Man” baby shirts were the height of baby-apparel humour, but the coolest “onesie” I’ve ever seen is pictured above, made by my brother Aaron. It’s perhaps the ultimate shirt for the son of an old-school pencil and paper RPG guy like myself. That’s the Neverwinter Nights font to boot, so extra geek cred for that. So cool! You’ll have to wait a year to level up Logan! My brother made some other great shirts that I’ll take pictures of soon.