My Technology Life is On Hold


That’s a picture of the guts of my Shuttle SD11G5 rig – 2 GB of RAM, 2.13 Ghz Pentium M CPU, 16x DL DVD burner, and a 150 GB Western Digital RaptorX drive. Where’s the Shuttle? I had to send it back to Industry City, California, under RMA to get looked at because of that problem with the video cards. So I’ve been using my 17″ widescreen Fujitsu laptop to do all my real work on. My friends sometimes laugh at how many computers I have in my office, but this is one instance where having computing redundancy saved me. The combination of hosted Exchange and FolderShare remains absolutely killer and core to my ability to work on any PC I have configured with those two solutions.

The good news about my Shuttle is that it was shipped back to me as of the 16th, though they use UPS Ground so I won’t see it until the middle of next week. But it’s on it’s way back to me – at which point I’ll slam Vista Ultimate on there. Assuming, of course, that the defective XFX 7600GS video card that I shipped back to XFX is also replaced at some point so I have a video card for the Shuttle. I’ve dealt with more RMAs in the past 30 days than I have in the past year! Oh, and I’m still waiting for those other two Dell 24″ monitors to show up (they’ve shipped, no tracking number yet)…and the Velocity Micro Media Center PC (Velocity Micro is being a bit frustrating with the lack of information about the status of it). Basically my entire technology life is in hold as I wait for all the pieces to come back together again. And this time, hopefully it will all work!