The Blogger Bus & CES 2008

I had this great idea where I was going to write a free verse poem summarizing the last week of my life, but I just don’t have the metal firepower right now…so here it is in point form:

  • I flew to San Francisco last Friday night, took a town car to San Jose, stop and go traffic made me feel rather ill (which never happens to me in a car).
  • Hung out with Robert McLaws on Friday night, went out for Mexican food in a U-Haul truck (how’s that for a rocking ride!).
  • On Saturday I was on a Podtech/Microsoft bus from San Jose to Las Vegas for 12 hours with a bunch of other bloggers (Robert Scoble, Marc Canter, Loic Le Meur, Dan Farber, Tom Foremski, the gang from Mogulus, Scott from AMD, and others). Bus toilet wasn’t “compatible” with toilet paper. Some bloggers were friendly, others completely ignored me. Was surprised the bus had the engine power to move so much ego down the road (including mine). Had some crazy conversations, played a lot of Halo 3, didn’t sleep a wink.
  • CES 2008 was a blur – I was carrying way too much gear, no AC was turned on indoors because Vegas is “cold” because it’s “winter” there. I was drenched in sweat way too often. Yuck. Made a few videos for work while I was there with the Canon HV20. Met some new people, made new contacts, handed out a lot of business cards (though I forgot to bring along my Zune Thoughts cards…doh!)
  • Was up too late, too often, ran down my immune system, and got sick. And it’s not like I was up playing poker or hanging out the sunroof of a limousine, I was just watching TV and working until 3am.
  • I’m now home with a stuffy head/sore throat/chest cold, coughing up yellow phlegm and sounding like Gollum. Email is piling up, and I’m trying not to drown in work. My brain isn’t working, so I’m glad it’s the weekend. I need to rest up and reset my brain.