The Facebook

People that know me understand that sometimes I find the little things in life utterly hilarious. One such thing is how some people add the word “the” in front of online companies and services. People will say things like “I was on The Google”, as if it were a broad term like “The Internet”. I’ve heard “The YouTube” and several other amusing names. But here, today, I have proof that Facebook (which is all the rage now in case you’ve been living under a digital rock) is really…The Facebook! Here’s a screen shot of a purchase I made (gift credits) and look at the name:


So now apparently I can’t laugh when someone calls it “The Facebook”. And interestingly enough, resolves to Excuse me while I’m off to go check my profile on The Facebook…

  • OSUKid7

    Jason, Facebook’s original name was actually “The Facebook” and the original domain name was Someone else owned, and only in the last year or so did the company purchase the domain name. Officially they’re called Facebook now, but there are still many references to “The Facebook” which I guess you found through a gift purchase.

  • Haha….THE FACEBOOK…what a horrible name! šŸ˜‰ Well, I guess that explains it…once I saw that the domain re-directed, I knew they must have been “The Facebook” at some point…

  • kimmm

    Another funny “the” story: my friend was passing by the town of Hanna, Alberta recently, and said at the town entrance there’s a sign that proudly boasts “Home of The Nickelback”. I love it. Probably one of the band members’ grandma’s or something.

  • Haha….THE NICKELBACK. Awesome.