The Groupon Experience: Three Business Owners Share

I’ve long held that Groupon, or any online coupon offering like it, is like juggling a flaming knife for a business owner: only the truly skilled will survived. full article here.

  • Thanks for sharing that, Jason. I’ve never used Groupon as a consumer, and I can’t say I’ve put much energy into understanding it. From the few things I’ve heard, I’ve wondered how it could possibly be useful for businesses. It seems like it’s an easy sell to naive businesses. I like what the bakery owner said about how they got much more specific with their terms on subsequent runs.

    I’ve certainly been drawn into businesses with sales and specials. It doesn’t seem like the typical groupon customer is looking for businesses to be loyal to. It seems like they’re looking for a good deal RIGHT NOW, but not for a place to consider doing business with long term.