The Hawk Nelson Insanity Continues

I’ve written before about how people think I’m the Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson, and how it’s a source of amusement for me. It’s one thing to be mistaken for someone else based on your name alone, but an email I recieved today brought this to a whole new level:

“i love jason dunn and hawk nelson! i would sooooooo love to contact him!!!!! if you can hook it up thanks!!!!!!!!!!”

She realizes that I’m not the Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson, but is asking me to “hook up” a contact with him because I must know him since we have the same name? What kind of bizarre, twisted logic is that? Do all people having the same name belong to a secret club where the talk about their lives as the collective hive-mind of said name? If there is such a thing, I didn’t get the memo. Ah, to be young and illogical. 😆