The New Cardboard Cut-Out?


That’s something called a “Fathead“, which I’d never heard of before today. Great name for a company, stupid name for a product. They’re vinyl images that stick to your wall, can be removed and re-applied easily, and they have Star Wars images. Cool.  I stumbled into the site through one of those random click-fests that one sometimes finds oneself in while “smurfing the interweeb”. The Darth Vadar model sells for $119 USD,  or you can buy two for $144. They also have a Chewbaca version, a Yoda version and a few others. Or you can just deny your inner geek and get a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader instead. What I want to know is when are they going to get UFC Fatheads? Too bad we covered our walls in the TV room last year in new posters…I gots no room for a Fathead!