This Is My Son, And I Love Him


It’s really nice to finally have my DSLR with me to take some “real” pictures…

  • drtolson

    Keep that camera (and video cam) close by.. it goes by so fast, and you never know which memories you, Ashley and Logan will share/cherish. My eldest STILL (after 12 years) vividly remembers staying up ‘late’ one night to watch Star Trek: TNG on TV with me in the basement by the fire. (He must have been about 3 then).

    Congratulations to all. Sometimes it won’t feel like it, but it is fun and rewarding to be part of bringing another person into the world and watching them become their own person….

  • Haha…Don, surely you know me well enough to know that telling me to take lots of photos and videos is like telling water to stay wet. 😉 I’ll definitely be chronicling every step of this little guy’s life. That’s a near story about the moments to cherish – I’ll always strive to never take my son for granted…