Too Much of a Good Thing?

I’m a big fan of the Fake Steve Jobs (FSJ) blog – it’s hilarious, and extremely well-written. Yet since subscribing to the great RSS to Email option from Feedburner, I’ve slowly been turned off of reading it – and today I unsubscribed. Why? Volume. I think every blog, and every Web site, has to remember that people have a finite amount of time in their day. There’s only so much content they can chew through, and if you start to focus more on quantity rather than quality, you’ll lose people. Yesterday FSJ published nine entries. Nine! One was great [language warning], most were not. Dan Lyons, the author of FSJ, seems to have bought into his own hype that “more is better”. It’s unfortunate, because Lyons is clearly a great writer and humourist, but sometimes less is indeed more.