Isn’t Tooth Pain the Worst?

Of all the types of pain that I’ve been through in my life, tooth/mouth pain has to be among the worst – there’s nothing worse than feeling stabbing pain going from your jaw up your face, and there’s nothing you can do about it (I know you can relate Oilman). Last week I had the flu, and for a few days was consuming nothing but Gatorade and flat Ginger Ale – it was all my stomach could handle. After a few days of that, I noticed that I was getting some low-grade tooth pain. It wasn’t focused on a particular tooth, just a general area. I thought perhaps it was simply all the high-sugar fluids I was consuming creating some sort of sensitivity, but now that I’m back to eating regular food (more or less), the pain has gone up 100x and it’s clear I have something very wrong going on in my mouth. I spent a good part of the evening tonigh with an ice pack pressed against the side of my face. Not a great way to wrap up an otherwise nice weekend.