TV Worth Watching: Spike’s “Deadliest Warrior”


Now this is some entertaining TV! Deadliest Warrior is a new show on Spike that’s a great combination of science and history – they pluck warriors out of history and pit them against each other. They bring together practitioners of each style of fighting, using historically accurate weapons, and measure the force, speed, accuracy, and damage of those weapons. I used to be really into ancient weaponry when I was younger – and in fact still have about half a dozen bladed weapons in my house – so this is endlessly entertaining to me to watch these recreations. Fun stuff. Sometimes there are some head-scratching moments on the show, like why they wouldn’t test the Samurai’s katana thrusting through the viking chain mail when a slashing strike had no effect (bit of a spoiler there for you), but all in all they’re pretty fair with their assessments. Next week it’s Spartan vs. Ninja – which should be cool to watch!