TV Worth Watching This 2008/2009 Season

Beyond my usual fare of The Daily Show, Smallville, and all the CSI shows (even the oft-mockworthy CSI Miami), I’m enjoying a new show called Fringe. It’s sort of like X-Files for the 2008 era, only with better special effects and a broader paranormal scope. This time instead of a red-headed hot FBI agent, they’re using hot blond Australian import (Anna Torv)…as an FBI agnet. I think she looks shockingly like Poppy Montgomery from Without A Trace…whom I’ve just discovered is also from Australia. Something in the water perhaps?

I’m also enjoying Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer Glau, who channels some Sigourney Weaver ass-kicking vibes. What are you watching this TV season?

  • JR

    I am with you on both of these Jason. Unfortunately the buzz from Fox is that Sarah Connor Chronicles is *this* close to being cancelled. I hope Fox gives it a shot on another night before pulling the plug. There are too many shows on Monday night that compete for that demographic (Heroes & Chuck on NBC being the main ones). I’m hoping they move it to Thursdays, but what do I know. 🙂

    I’m crossing my fingers though as I think it has a good arc going and has a lot of potential. We’ll see I guess…

  • buzzard

    I DVR both shows and watch them later in the week. I like Fringe as well as Sarah Connor’s and another favorite is Heroes but the issue I have with Sarah Connor’s show is they keep switching back and forth between the present and the future and sometimes you don’t know exactly where they are and it can be frustrating. Hero’s isn’t a bad show but they have a cast of about 15-20 characters that occasionally cross paths especially later in the season but again it’s difficult to follow because of all the interconnected but separate stories. My favorite remains 24 and am looking forward to the 11/23 movie and the series starting again in January. Lastly The Unit is off to a good start this season except that they stuck it on 10PM Sunday nights which I don’t understand at all.

  • buzzard,
    Yeah, I watch The Unit as well…great show! I don’t worry much about timeslots any more now that I PVR everything, but it can make it hard for a show to succeed if it’s in a crappy time slot.