Velocity Micro: Round 3 K.O.


That’s the guts of the third PC that Velocity Micro has sent me. I plugged it in (after finding my own power cable, they forgot to send me back the main accessories box), turned it on,  and just like last time, it didn’t boot up. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I wasn’t. Based on the track record so far from Velocity Micro, I was actually expecting it not to work. This time I decided to trouble shoot it a bit more: last night I swapped out the video card (no change) and I ran a 50 foot power extension cable to another socket in my house, on the off chance that it was a power issue (highly unlikely, but I was getting desperate). That didn’t help either. This morning I received an email from my contact at Velocity Micro who suggested that it might be a partially un-seated CPU. I’ll disassemble the huge Zalman cooler and see if that helps…but at this point I’m very close to just cannibalizing this thing for parts and building a new machine from scratch.