A Second Letter from Vincenzo De Palma’s Lawyer Claiming Libel


Above is a screen shot of the PDF file I was sent via email today by one Becky Mansour, Jeff Bone’s legal assistant. In order to “govern myself accordingly”, I’ve contacted the firm of BURNET, DUCKWORTH & PALMER LLP to advise me on this matter. I find it puzzling that Mr. De Palma’s lawyers think that simply writing the name of their client on this site is libellous. In my understanding of libel law, writing someone’s name online cannot be considered libel. At any rate, I have the weekend to consider my options and the advice of counsel.

  • Perhaps the libel laws are different in Canada than the US. In the US, my understanding is that facts can not be libelous — of course you have to prove that they’re fact, but that’s a different story.

  • I’m pretty sure our definition of libel is the same as yours Rob – stating facts is not libel.