We’ll Happily Overcharge You

I’ve been using VistaPrint to print my business cards for years – they have excellent prices, and great quality prints and paper. Almost two years ago, VistaPrint opened a printing location in Canada, and started serving Canadians from Seems like anyone in Canada should order from, doesn’t it? You’d expect to save on shipping because it’s within the same country, and the prices should be in line with what offers, right? Wrong. I was ordering some new Digital Home Thoughts business cards today, and check out the differences between the .ca and .com sites. First up, we have the .ca pricing of $77.95 for 500 cards:


For $78 I could get the cards printed locally and likely have quality nearly as good as VistaPrint. Now check out VistaPrint USA’s pricing:


The base price for 500 cards is only $5 difference, but VistaPrint is known far and wide for their sales – they have a constant sale on their business cards, so the 80% discount isn’t unusual. Amazingly, the Canadian arm of VistaPrint rarely, if ever, offers any type of promotional sales – and you’ll notice that all of their base prices for upgrades are also higher than the US prices. So why would I order from them?

Well, maybe shipping will make up the difference? Wrong. Priority, 7-day shipping from the USA is $20.31. Priority, 7-day shipping from within Canada is $29.36. Even once I factor in a 25% or so currency difference, ordering from VistaPrint USA was more than 50% less expensive than ordering from VistaPrint Canada.

What does VistaPrint assume, that Canadians are stupid and lazy, and won’t bother looking on the USA site?

  • Neil

    I *hate* VistaPrint, even in the US. Why not do stylish business cards from Moo?

  • Moo? I like their stuff, but the math is pretty simple: $21.99 for 50 cards is outrageously expensive for cards that I’m going to be handing out like candy at CES.

    Why do you hate VistaPrint?

  • Neil

    The sheer volume of crap they send you after you place your first order is insane, both via e-mail and snail mail.

  • Yeah, I agree they spam their customers with WAY too much junk – but after I unsubscribed I get nothing from them, neither via email nor snail mail. The stupid part is that I WANT to hear from them, but maybe once a month, not three times a week…

  • Haha – this email I received from VistaPrint is particularly amusing given the theme of my blog post:

    Dear Jason,

    We noticed that your registered address is in the following country: Canada, but the VistaPrint Web site you used to make your last purchase was, which was designed for the following country: United States of America.

    Did you know that VistaPrint has a Web site specifically designed for Canada? On it you’ll find products and currency tailored specifically for Canada.

    You are welcome to use whichever VistaPrint Web site you prefer, but if you would like to check out our Web site for Canada, please click on the link below.

    To get you started, we’re giving you 25% off your first purchase at