We’re Back! We’re Live!

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum – and I’m fresh out of bubble gum. All Thoughts Media sites are back online, and here’s the explanation of what happened.

  • Cold Flame

    Duke Nukem 3D used that quote… nice. I loved that quote, and I loved that game! =)

    On a separate note, I still can’t get to http://www.DigitalThoughtsMedia.com

    Is that one not up yet?

  • Yeah, I loved that game too and have always remembered that quote.

    I don’t know who owns http://www.DigitalThoughtsMedia.com, but it’s not me. 😉 Our four domains are:


    (don’t feel bad, Digital Home Thoughts or Digital Media Thoughts before it, was the one site that people tended to get a bit wrong)

  • Cold Flame

    Hmm… I may have typed the wrong link as I didn’t cut/paste it. It was the digitalhomethoughts.com one I was thinking of. My bad! =)

    Appears to be up now, so I’m glad it’s working.

    Duke Nukem 3D was the bomb. I played that game for months, especially multi-player over a dialup connection with my buddy. It was the best game ever! =) Well, for its time anyway.

    I need to come up with an XBox 360 so I can play Live w/ that same buddy; he says the new Rainbox Six: Vegas 2 is just amazing, plus the new GTA is due out shortly. I WANT! =)

  • Cold Flame

    Oh, and Jason. You need to thank God that you work from home… Believe me when I say it was *NOT* a fun drive in to work today. I can’t believe how much freakin’ snow is falling! What a surprise; seeing they said it was going to RAIN today, not have a freaking blizzard! *sighs* Then tomorrow it’s supposed to be 10, Saturday will be 16, and Sunday will be 20. Go Calgary! *laughs*

  • Cold Flame,
    Yeah, I was supposed to have a meeting with my accountant at 9am this morning, but have postponed it until it stops snowing…or at least until all the car crashes have been cleaned up off the road. 😉