What’s the First Thing a Geek Does When He Gets to Japan?

He tests the bandwidth at the place where he’s staying of course! Check this out…


17 mbps downstream? Wow – that’s fast. At home in Calgary I’m on a 10 mbps connection and it’s really more like 9 mbps. The upstream speed isn’t that impressive though – I have a solid 1 mbps at home – so this is probably DSL. Unfortunately, as fast as it is, the router seems to not like my laptop, I keep having to unplug it to get an IP address.

[OK, this post is mostly a joke, this is certainly not the first thing I did when we got here, but I haven’t had time to write about our adventures thus far…hopefully today on the train I’ll have a good two hours to process my photos and write.]

  • We have ADSL2+ here in Perth, which can get us up to 24Mbps downstream. Do they offer something similar in Canada?

  • Nope. In Calgary, the fastest consumer-grade Internet access is the 10 mbps that I have – well, technically my ISP (Shaw) does offer 25 mbps downstream and 1 mbps upstream, but it’s $99/month, which is rather crazy. What I really want is more upstream – 10 mbps is fast enough for nearly everything at the moment…

  • You should get more work done on vacation with that speed.

  • Chris,
    That would kind of defeat the purpose of a vacation, wouldn’t it? 😉