Whenever I Need a Laugh…

Whenever I need a laugh, I turn to Miss Teen South Carolina and her stirring response about “US Americans” and map reading. This clip never fails to give me a chuckle!

Some of the comedic responses, like Miss Teen South Carolina calling 911, are almost as funny. πŸ˜‰

  • T-Will

    LOL, I crack up every time I see it too…some of her language has even crept into dialog between my friends…

    “So what should we get for lunch?”
    “How about a hamburger from McDonald’s”
    “Actually I was thinking I’d rather have a hot dog or like such as, the Iraq.”


  • T-Will,
    I have a hard time thinking of Americans as anything other than “US Americans” after seeing this clip. πŸ˜‰

  • Mysekurity
  • Mysekurity,
    That’s a hilarious clip – I’d never seen it before. Hahaha…

  • Ellise1153

    Wow. That was.. intelligent? lol
    Its a good thing she answered the question that was asked, otherwise she probably would have lost and such as the Iraq.