Who Coded This Stuff? Outlook [Part 1]


On so many levels, Outlook 2007 is a superb product – I spent more time in Outlook than any other piece of software, including the Web browse, and for the most part it’s an excellent product. But in other ways, it’s just plain stupid. Take the “Search Address Book” feature. I use it all the time, but sometimes I only know a bit about the contact I’m looking for. Maybe his first name, or, more likely, the company he works for. Take the above screen shot: I’m searching for someone I know who’s in my contact list who works for Epson – so I type in Epson and hit enter. No contacts found. Yet look at the contact for Andrew – it says Epson in the business field. Why shouldn’t it find the contact? No good reason I can think of. Who coded this stuff? They can do better.