Who Makes These Spell Checkers?


I’m sometimes baffled at how poorly spell check works – the above screen shot is from Microsoft Word, but they’re not alone: when I was doing up a previous post with the word “movies” in it, that word was flagged as being in error. Who spell-checks the spell checker?

  • ctmagnus

    I once witnessed someone typing a long document that invariably had one typo. He would accept Word’s suggested correction, but that would also be flagged as a typo. The suggested correction for that was his initial spelling, which then was flagged as a typo again.

  • Janak Parekh

    Jason, can you check your language setting? Perhaps “sceptical” is what the spellchecker is expecting? 😉

    In general, I’ve had very few problems with MS spellcheckers. Now, grammar-checking is another thing entirely.

  • Janak – upon further research it seems that both “skeptical” and “sceptical” are accepted spellings of the word – and you’re right, Word was telling me that “sceptical” was the correct spelling, but I’ve never encountered that spelling before, so I was a bit…skeptical that it was right. The Firefox spell checker is also flagging “skeptical” as the incorrect spelling. But how do you explain “movies”? 😉