Why is it so Hard to Find Good TV Reviews Online?

Here’s the backstory on why I’m looking at new TVs. This post is a rant about why it’s so hard to find reviews of big screen TVs. I suppose from a PR/marketing standpoint I know how difficult it would be to freight-ship a 72″ TV to a review site, let them keep it for a month, then arrange to get it back. Much pain. But, still, as a consumer I want to read more than just marketing fluff. If I do a specific search for “toshiba 72MX196 review”, I get only one result, a completely useless entry over at Digital Trends. If I remove the quotes, I get far more results. But are any of them quality? Let’s take a look at the “review” posted on the Yahoo page:

“i have never owned a tv that is bigger than 32 inches and i want my first one to be at least 90 inches, not only is this tv to small but it doesnt even hook up to my hairdyer. i know what i am talking about because i have a pHd in male nursing from rhode island tech new jersey state located in oregon. another con is when i am trying to cook my curi in it i cant seem to make it work, it has also become covered in wierd food substance and my friends say the picture isnt as clear anymore. that is all.” 

Great, that was super helpful. Oh look, here’s another review from the Amazon.com page:

“all i can say after my research whuich was very thorough, it came down to toshiba and mitsubishi the samsung was good but not there the toshiba came ot on top vivd colours wow sharp and crisp is what you want this has it all its a must see in person buy this tv you wont be disappointed dont be fooled if you buy this toshiba make surew its the cinema series pro edition makes a big difference 72MX196”

Slightly more useful, but not terribly intelligible. Looks like AVS Forum is my only good source of information.