WordPress and YouTube Videos

I wonder how many releases of WordPress there are going to be before they address the issue where WordPress mangles pasted in YouTube code? I know there are many YouTube plug-ins out there, but I’m not looking to have to jump through hoops to implement YouTube video code – I want to take the YouTube code from YouTube, paste it in, and submit my blog post. It’s truly bizarre that such a massive bug can go un-fixed for so long – and I’m not the only one that’s noticed this. The work-around right now is to switch to the raw code view, paste in the YouTube code, then hit Publish without switching back to the visual editor. If you do that, the YouTube videos show up just fine. Need to edit it? You have to re-paste the original YouTube code into your post.

Come on WordPress crew: I love your CMS, but there are some gaping holes that need plugging up.