What a [email protected]!*&ing Crappy First Day Back at Work

It’s so nice to be home – we got back on Friday night, went to bed early, and at 7am on Saturday morning I was up and feeling great. Then by the afternoon I was barely able to stay awake – it’s been hard adjusting to the 15 hour timezone difference. What’s even harder is having easily the worst first day back at work that I’ve had after a vacation – ever. What happened you might ask? Server hack – again! This time someone decided to be really nasty and not just add some spam links to our site – they took down our forums and put a graphic taking credit for the hack. Jorj, Janak, Darius, and Fabrizio have spent hours today trying to get things up and running again – it’s pretty incredible how much damage one person can do. It’s been an ugly day, and I’m stressed out and angry about what happened. I love what I do for work, but sometimes I wonder if the headache is really worth it…<sigh>

All Thoughts Media sites are currently down and I have no ETA on when they’ll be back up.

  • Cold Flame

    Hey Jason,

    Welcome back; very sorry to hear about getting hacked again. That really sucks (not that you don’t already know that).

    Hope to see it up soon!

    Cold Flame

  • brianchris

    Unfortunetely, its much easier for people to destroy than to create. If these hackers would put half as much energy into creating something as they do into tearing stuff down, they’d actually be quite sucessful in life. For some reason, they choose against that. Sorry this has happened (again).

  • Sorry to hear that Jason. Not the way you want to start work after what looked like an awesome vacation.

    Good luck getting everything up and running again!


  • That is so sad to hear. The best of luck (and energy) to you and the team in getting the forums up and running.

  • Colin


    You have to remember that running Thoughts Media is totally worth it and you have the best team of guys to help sort it out.

    Our webserver in work has been hacked few times in the past and quite a few times i’ve had to to the restoration by myself. It’s not fun I know.

    Hope to see Thoughts back soon. All the best

  • Thanks for the kind word of support guys. Yesterday was a really depressing day, I’m hoping today will be better.

  • Yeah, this really sucks. 8/ Everything will get back up soon though!

  • martin_ayton


    I’m missing you guys! All the best in getting the Thoughts sites up and live again. And the hacker… well, you reap what you sow…


  • Martin,
    We’re back, we’re live! 😀 And as for the hacker, as someone who believes in eternal justice, I know he’ll have to answer for his actions one day.