What a [email protected]!*&ing Crappy First Day Back at Work

It’s so nice to be home – we got back on Friday night, went to bed early, and at 7am on Saturday morning I was up and feeling great. Then by the afternoon I was barely able to stay awake – it’s been hard adjusting to the 15 hour timezone difference. What’s even harder is having easily the worst first day back at work that I’ve had after a vacation – ever. What happened you might ask? Server hack – again! This time someone decided to be really nasty and not just add some spam links to our site – they took down our forums and put a graphic taking credit for the hack. Jorj, Janak, Darius, and Fabrizio have spent hours today trying to get things up and running again – it’s pretty incredible how much damage one person can do. It’s been an ugly day, and I’m stressed out and angry about what happened. I love what I do for work, but sometimes I wonder if the headache is really worth it…<sigh>

All Thoughts Media sites are currently down and I have no ETA on when they’ll be back up.