X-Men Origins: Wolverine


I’ve been a big fan of the X-Men since I was in my early teens, collecting several variations of the X-Men comics for about a decade. I no longer actively follow the comic books, but I remain a big kid at heart where comic book super heroes are concerned. On May 1st, X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out, and they’ve just released the trailer for it. One word: awesome! I’m tempted to go to the IMDB listing and see who’s in the movie – the characters I mean – but I want to be surprised. Gambit is in the trailer, but beyond that I was unable to identify the other heroes and villans (I think that big guy is supposed to be The Blob). May can’t come soon enough!

  • Empire – the UK movie magazine – has an exhaustive analysis of the trailer on their web site. To quote from the opening paragraph:

    The official X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer is online at last, and we’re here with our traditionally exhaustive, in-depth trailer breakdown. If you’re afraid of spoilers, this is NOT the breakdown for you. But if you want lots of analysis, speculation and a sprinkling of honest-to-god knowledge about the upcoming comic book prequel, you can’t do better – so read on…

    So if that doesn’t put you off, http://www.empireonline.com/features/wolverine-trailer-breakdown/.

    Like you say, Jason, May can’t come quickly enough!