Yeah Baby, I Funked Up My Laptop!

The other day I complained about the scam situation that is brokerage fees from courier companies, but I didn’t explain what exactly I had shipped. Well, here it is: a custom-made skin from DecalGirl for my Fujitsu P7010D laptop. The skin is a durable vinyl that’s sticky, but not so sticky that it was difficult to work with or pull off and re-apply.

I’m not really a “bling bling” type person, but I thought a DecalGirl skin would look great on my laptop, and I was right! I’ve long wanted to make my laptop more customized. Voodoo PC “tattoos” their laptops, but the process is expensive and they only do it on Voodoo-branded machines – which of course I don’t have. The DecalGirl skin was an inexpensive way of giving my laptop a customized look – I think it ran me $24 USD for the unique size that I required. There are a huge variety of skins to choose from – and they make skins for not only laptops, but iPods, Zunes, and other devices. The install was quick and easy (just peel and stick), and the air bubbles were very easy to push over to the edge and out.

About the only problem I had with the install of the decal was that it was just a smidgen too large – resulting in the edges looking like this:

That was easy to fix by cutting the corner piece in half, then laying the two edges on top of each other. I’m thrilled with how this looks and I’d highly recommend DecalGirl products to anyone – just remember to factor in the nasty shipping and brokerage fees if you live outside the USA.