Yeah, I’m Twittering

If you happen to be a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed I haven’t been updating it as much lately. Part of the reason is that I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and am doing the 140-character micro-blogging thing. If you look to the right of this message you’ll see a Twitter box that has all of my recent tweets. If you want to know what’s up with me, you can check out what’s inside that box. Or if you’re a Twitter user, feel free to follow me. I follow a small number of people and read everything they post, so I’m a bit different than the average Twitter user – that means I might not follow you back. It’s nothing personal. There are some Twitter to WordPress plug-ins, but I’m not sure if I want to “spam” my Web site with digests of my tweets, so for now, they’ll remain collected in the side-bar widget.

  • I hadn’t noticed, the way I get your content integrates your twitter and blog together and on your personal posts the tweets feel just like really short blog posts, and other times you have a full on post ready here.

  • Well that’s interesting Kacey – by what method do you merge it all together? My personal blog posts show up as Tweets, but not vice-versa, so if you didn’t know I was Twittering then I’m not sure how that works. 🙂

  • Jason, great. I’ll follow you. I’ve been on Twitter for quite a while. I have my most recent 5 tweets showing up on my blog.

    I doubt there’s a “right” way to use Twitter. I tend to follow people that I’m interested in what they’re thinking and doing, like Tim Ferriss or David Pogue. I also follow a few friends, and when somebody follows me who posts interesting tweets, I tend to follow them back.

    I also have Twitter and Facebook integrated, so my Tweets show up on Facebook.

    I find them to be very useful tools.

  • emuelle1,
    Well, some people have the expectation that if they follow you, you’ll follow them right back. But those people with 1000’s of followers don’t use Twitter the way I do, which is reading everything that the people I follow writes. They view Twitter like a stream, and they read what’s on their screen at that time, but nothing backwards. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to me that makes Twitter much less valuable. The number of followers someone has on Twitter, unless they’re legitimately famous, is kind of a scam anyway – I’ve seen so many of these “Here’s how to get 1000’s of followers on Twitter” Web sites, and sure enough, someone I knew that had 9000 followers on Twitter had many “drone” accounts following him…not real people, more like promotional bots for “How to get Followers”.