YouTube: The Shallow End of the Internet Gene Pool


I think the above questions say it all.  I’ve been answering an endless stream of questions on YouTube after posting a bunch of Zune videos, and with some of them, I feel like I’m an AOL forum moderator in 2001 fielding questions from people who are looking for the “Any” key. I don’t know how some of these people even manage to work a Web browser, let alone post a comment on YouTube…

  • gears

    I have a simple rule. If you have a massively successful site that every “normal” person has heard of (Google, YouTube, FaceBook), then you’ll attract idiots – these are the same people who slam their brakes on because the guy in the next lane did, or stop and look in a shop window because someone else has. They’re thick as can be, and should be ignored, so I always ignore comment areas on these sites 🙂