Logan’s Final “Swimming” Lesson – Now He’s An Expert!

A bit over a week ago, Logan finished up his last “swimming” lesson – so now he’s an expert! 😉 It was cute to watch him, and since his first pool experience, he’d gotten a lot more comfortable in the water – even when Ashley dunked him! The lighting in the pool area could only be described as “YUCK!” so I converted all the images to black and white. I sure did appreciate having my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens here though – it made things much easier.

Logan Photos from Back in December

Yes indeed, I got a little behind on processing the many photos I take, so here are some images back in December. As always, there are some cute ones! It’s amazing how much he’s changed in three months – he has 200% more hair now!

Logan & The Green Bean

Also from last night, we tried giving Logan some of the food that we were eating for dinner – the kind that he could munch on safely at least. He was pretty funny with the green beans; at first he made a face and didn’t like it so much, but that quickly passed and he was munching away happily – it probably felt good on his gums…he’s now working on his 5th tooth, and the past three have come in rapid succession.

Logan the Wizard

After his nightly bath, Ashley dries Logan off in a little towel that has a hood – when he has this on his head, I always tell him that he looks like he’s wearing a wizard’s cowl. Not even Harry Potter was this cute!

Logan’s First Visit to the Calgary Zoo

This past weekend we had a chance to go to the Calgary Zoo, which would be Logan’s first visit to the zoo, and my first opportunity to really test out my new 70-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens. It was a lot of fun!

Logan’s First Solid Food: What Fun We Had!

A couple of days ago we introduced Logan to solid food for the first time, and I snapped some great pictures of the experience. He’s still pretty iffy on this funny tasting stuff, but each day he seems to be swallowing more of it. Check out the full gallery here. I confess I had a hard time culling the set of photos, so some are very similar, but I figure 23 photos isn’t a ridiculous number…

Logan’s Working on his Keyboarding Skills

Logan absolutely loves banging on computer keyboards, so I decided to give him a cheap wireless keyboard I had sitting on my shelf as a toy. And now he loves playing with it – so while we’re not letting him use a computer yet, he’s at least getting familiar with the equipment. 😉