Farewell Old Blog Template…I Knew Ye Well

November 4th, 2006, I started this blog. And right from day one, I had a gorgeous theme for it, designed by my friend Darius Wey. Darius is one of those guys who won the talent pool lottery: he can code, design, write, photograph, and generally create something out of nothing at a level that surpasses most mere mortals (myself included). It’s not a surprise that he went on to big things in the Australian healthcare technology industry.

Back to the template…all my Thoughts Media blog templates were designed for maximum readability, and embedding of white-background graphics (since that’s what PR companies product shots 99% of the time). For my personal blog, I wanted something…different. I wanted it to reflect a completely different sense of style, something deeper to my core aesthetic, and Darius created this beautiful design that has been with me for almost a decade, aptly named Bushido. I wanted to immortalize it in a blog post so I’d never forget how gorgeous it was…


This being 2015, I needed a template that was mobile-friendly from the ground up, and something that, yes, maximized readability (because this is my only public place to publish long-form content now). I’m slowly trying to work some of the graphical elements from the previous template into my current one…

Farewell blog template of 2006!

Outlook 2013: Changing Search Default From Current Mailbox to Current Folder

One of the most powerful functions in Outlook is search, and in Outlook 2013 Microsoft made a change for the worse. From my perspective, if I’m searching for an email in my inbox, or my sent items folder, I want to see results only from that folder. Showing me results from across my entire inbox makes for a muddled mess, and having to change the drop-down from “Entire Mailbox” to “Current folder” every single time was a pain. I’ve been running Outlook 2013 since it first came out on my personal email, but not until this month was I offered Outlook 2013 for work. At work, Outlook is the other half of my brain, so searching through emails quickly and easily is critical.

Thankfully, there’s an an easy fix:

Select File > Options > Search > Include results only from Current Folder, then click OK.


Having The Money Talk With Your Kids: Part 1

Kids & "The Money Talk)

In the past six months, I’ve had a few conversations with parents of young kids (8 and under), and none of them are actively teaching their kids about money, instead figuring they’ll do it “later”. According to this study by the UK’s Money Advice Service, basic money habits are formed in kids by age seven. By the time most parents think their kids are “ready”, the money habits are already formed. In these conversations I’ve had, some of the common reasons for avoiding “the money talk” among parents are have included:

The Myth: “My kids aren’t old enough to understand much about money yet.”

The Reality: There’s a great saying that goes “More is caught that taught”, and having been a parent for the past six years, I can vouch for the truth of it. Your kids are watching what you do, and learning from it. They’re watching you spend, and save (or not). They’re watching what you buy, and they’re listening to what you say about money in your home. If you’re having financial struggles, they may be watching you and your spouse fight about money. If you’re not purposefully explaining your actions regarding money, your kids are going to come up with their own interpretations of what money is all about. You’d be surprised what your kids have picked up about money along the way, but don’t leave their education half-finished.

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