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Please note: The Velo series has been discontinued, and in fact, Philips has pulled out of Windows CE all together (their mistake). I no longer own a Velo 1 or Velo 500, so I don't have the CD-ROM with the updated 2.0 software, I don't have a ROM chip to sell anyone (check ebay), and I can't provide support for the devices in any capacity. I'll leave this site up as a resource for everyone, but I am unable to answer support questions on specific Velo issues. Please check the Windows CE Newsgroup FAQ for more general Q&A's.

This page contains a list of the software I have on my Velo 500, and although I was going to review software here, I simply don't have the time. I consider the software I have on my Velo 500 to be the "best of breed", so if it's on my Velo, consider it my highest stamp of approval. If you want to see some *very* detailed reviews, check out GO INSIDE or CE LAIR.

Here are the non-ROM programs which I have installed on my Velo 500:

Microsoft Powertoys 2.0 (Microsoft)
Microsoft Entertainment Pack, all games (Microsoft)
smART Command 2.0 (ArtSoft)
Planetoid (Jimmy Software)
Snake (Jimmy Software)
NetForce (Ruksun)
NewsForce (Ruksun)
Scotty FTP (Ruksun)
TelnetForce (Ruksun)
Calligrapher 5.1 (Paragraph)
dbExplorer 1.2 (Phatware)
Pocket Timer (Surerange Analysis)
RegEdit (Eiichiroh Itoh)
Star Wars Special Edition Background Wallpaper