My New St. Patrick’s Day Tradition: Watching this Video

I get the feeling the pharmaceutical companies are testing new drugs by dumping them into the water supply down there in Mobile, Alabama. (via @kellyoxford)

A Message From Transport Canada

Here’s hoping that if/when I go to CES 2011, it won’t be quite this bad…

“Photo Ops for Pops” by What The Duck


Hahaha…my friend Neil sent me this…so very true! I have to make specific efforts to ensure that I show up in at least one photo every month. 😉 From What The Duck.

When Parental Photography Goes Too Far?


My friend Jon wanted to poke fun at the way I was documenting Logan’s first months at home with monthly photo albums, so he sent me the above image…don’t worry Jon, I don’t think I’ll still be taking monthly photos of Logan when he’s that old.

Video Annotation Overload on YouTube


I’ve talked about how awful some of the comments on YouTube can be, but sometimes the lack-of-brains can come from the content producers…check out the screenshot above, where someone named “FierceMightOMax” went berserk with the annotation tool. Yikes!

KFC Can’t Count


For those that don’t know, a “Toonie” is a Canadian two-dollar coin. Can you really run a promo called “Toonie Tuesday” and have the item cost $2.79 plus tax? That’s $2.93 in Alberta after our 5% GST tax. Kind of makes your business look stupid…

Geocities is Closed, And Now This Awesomeness is Gone Forever

Geocities is no more, but as I was scanning and archiving a really great Wired article (scanning a bunch of images to a PDF file is slick!), I came across a PDF file I made back in 2001, eight whole years ago…it was pulled together from a site, hosted on Geocities, that was one of the most hilarious prank/hoax sites I’ve ever seen. It’s so well done that when I first saw it I thought it was all real. It looks like I’m not the only one wanting to make sure this great site doesn’t fade from memory, but I figure I’ll post this entry anyway just for fun… 😉