Bing: Getting Better, But Room for Improvement

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using Bing more and more lately – and for the most part, I’ve come away quite impressed with the search results I’m getting. I’m starting to see results that are even better than Google in some ways, which is excellent – Google allowed their index to become infested with spammy results. One area that Bing needs big improvement in though is maps – Google has a strong lead there in my opinion. The screen shot below is a perfect example of how Bing struggles to give proper directions:

Both of those addresses are in Calgary, yet look at where Bing thinks the destination is…Europe! How it can get delivered the keywords of Calgary and AB (Alberta) and get Europe is beyond me. Time to tweak that code Microsoft!

When Parental Photography Goes Too Far?


My friend Jon wanted to poke fun at the way I was documenting Logan’s first months at home with monthly photo albums, so he sent me the above image…don’t worry Jon, I don’t think I’ll still be taking monthly photos of Logan when he’s that old.