OS X Isn’t Immune to Apps Behaving Badly

UPDATE: I wanted to clarify that 1password is most definitely not a “bad app”, in this case it’s just an “app behaving badly”.

No matter what OS you’re using, a bad app will give you a headache. Based on my experience so far, OS X seems no better than Windows at dealing with apps that lose their minds. For the most part I’d say apps on OS X are quite stable – it took several weeks of using the computer daily before I saw apps start to misbehave. Two instances in particular stand out…


1password, a truly great cross-platform app that I generally adore, has worked great since day one…until a few days ago it would continuously lock up. The browser extension would lock up after I put in my password. The app that hangs out in the menu bar would do the same. It wasn’t showing up in Force Quit. I ended up logging out, logging back in, and the same problem persisted. I repeated the log out/log in, then started up the full desktop app and logged in – which worked. After that, the browser extensions and menu app started to behave.



I installed the Mac Go Blu-ray Player so I could watch Blu-ray special features (I rip the movies themselves to MKV, but not the extras). It worked the first few times, then it stopped working. And I mean STOPPED working. It wouldn’t respond to a Force Quit, and when I used Activity Monitor I couldn’t find the process for the Blu-ray player. I tried logging out, and couldn’t because of the app! I tried several more iterations of Force Quit and logging out, until I gave up and did a software Shut Down. The iMac would do that much at least, and after logging in everything was working as expected. The Mac Go Blu-ray Player has worked perfectly since, so I can’t explain how any of this happened.

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  • Eva Schweber

    Hi Jason,

    My name is Eva Schweber and I work for AgileBits, the folks who make 1Password.

    I’m sorry to hear that you were having problems with 1Password. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here forward. If not, you should always feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will do what we can to get everything working again.

    Eva Schweber
    Good Witch of the Pacific Northwest @ AgileBits
    1Password remembers all your passwords for you.
    It keeps your digital life secure and always available,
    safe behind the one password that only you know.

  • Hi there Eva! Thanks for dropping by – you must be magical to have found this blog post talking about your product. 🙂 I’ve changed the title a bit to clarify that 1password isn’t a bad app, just an app that behaved a bit badly for me…