Texting And Driving: Please, Don’t Do It

Warning: The above video is quite graphic, but that’s exactly the point.

When I’m driving and I see someone texting on their phone while driving, I feel a flash of anger. Why? Because that person is putting the safety of everyone around them at risk. And for what? So they can be in constant contact with their friends/family/work? Unless they’re a brain surgeon giving life-saving instructions via SMS to a trauma team as they drive to save someone’s life, they don’t need to be texting or checking their email.  If it’s really that important, pull over for a few minutes and get your communication done. Phone calls are bad enough, but with a phone call your eyes are at least on the road – texting adds road-blindness into the mix, making for a lethal combination.

Texting while driving needs to become as socially reprehensible as driving drunk; people who do it need to be chastised and shamed by their peers and by the public.