The TSA is Out of Control

I don’t fly very often – maybe four times a year at most – but I’ve been amazed at the slowly increasing level of security at airports in the way that it slowly but surely grinds down the freedoms of passengers who travel. My experience trying to do something as simple as bring a laptop bag with me to CES 2010 is a perfect example of this. The video above though is simply outrageous; as a relatively new parent, with a child who is still breastfeeding, I found this particularly painful to watch. The way this mother was harassed is simply mind-boggling. That the TSA agents would vengefully target her – that they would force her to miss her flight to teach her a lesson – is a grotesque abuse of power. Someone needs to reign in the TSA. Please share this video with others and let your voice be heard on this issue.

via Insignificant Thoughts.