There is No Ground Zero Mosque

Being Canadian, and not American, there’s only so much right I have to speak to the issues I see happening to the south of me – but this issue of the “Ground Zero Mosque” has really gotten ridiculous. I’m a right-leaning, conservative Christian person, but the things I see the right doing in the US make me shake my head. I have less and less in common with the radical, polarizing crazies who try to turn everything they touch into something politically explosive. This video sums up my feelings on this issue quite nicely.

  • janakj

    Yeah, good luck with that. Somehow, the hysteria in our media has convinced 65%+ of Americans that it is a mosque on Ground Zero and is evil. 🙁

  • I largely ignore the media here in the US. Most of the stories presented are either of the “if it bleeds, it leads” variety, or they're designed to stir up controversy. In any case, it's all about ratings and advertising. Not that the news isn't useful once in a while, but 24 hour news needs to find ways to fill airtime.

  • ys_lee

    That's a good video indeed.

    Americans in general have become so insular and xenophobic it's not really a place I'd like to stay in. The dream of freedom and equality for all seems so dead there now.