A Windows User and His New iMac – Day Three

Here are my thoughts and reactions from my third evening of using the iMac. Like day two, it was a weeknight so I didn’t have much time to spend with it.

  • I continue to be pretty impressed by the built in speakers. I plan on connecting the iMac to my AudioEngine A2 speakers and do some comparisons.
  • I’m confused by some folder drag and drop behaviour. Sometimes I’ll click and drag a folder and it won’t move. I downloaded Adele’s new album 25 from Amazon as a ZIP file. It goes into downloads. I open the ZIP file, it opens a new Finder window. I try to drag the folder out of that window and drop it onto my desktop. It won’t work (nothing happens). I end up dragging the folder out of the downloads area to my desktop, and that worked. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here!
  • I keep pressing too hard/long when clicking and dragging and I’m getting the force-touch action. This seems harder than it should be. I’ll adapt.

  • I ran into that “Oh, the app I use isn’t available on OS X..!?” for the first time today. I use MediaMonkey to edit MP3 metadata, and it’s Windows-only. For now I’ll do the clunky thing of transferring the files to my Windows machine to do what I need – anyone know a good bulk-editing metadata tool for audio files?
  • The window animations are cute, but ultimately I feel like they slow things down and feel a bit retro. Maybe they’ll grow on me.
  • Playing around a bit more with the Photo Library problem, I tried the “Open with Terminal” option, which dropped me to the bash prompt (which is the command line, right?) and I typed ls and saw the folders that make up the tool. It feels like I’ve fallen through a wormhole. I understand a tiny bit now why developers and Linux-heads dig OS X.
  • I imported four 1080p video clips into iMovie off an SD card. What surprised me was that after the import was complete, iMovie became partially non-responsive. I couldn’t minimize it reliably, and when I did, it wouldn’t maximize. I’m not sure what it was doing – I know iMovie from a few years ago would transcode HD video clips to an interstitial format of sorts to make editing easier – does iMovie still do that in 2015? I’ll have to experiment move with iMovie to understand this behaviour. I’m not impressed though if that’s considered normal.
  • I fed a 25 GB MKV file into Handbrake, and started a 1080p MP4 transcode. It took about 30 seconds until the iMac fan was at full blast; it’s louder than I was expecting, and louder (smaller fan) than my desktop PC (bigger, quieter fan). Thankfully, there’s no high pitch whine or rattle, so while it’s audible, it’s not full-on irritating. I’ll probably leave the room in the future when I’m rendering video though, which is unfortunate. I don’t have to do that with my PC. Average frame rates in Handbrake are around 40fps. Pretty decent. Will need to do some more testing.

Here’s what day four was like.

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