How to Set up an Office 365 Exchange Email Catch-All

I’ve been using a Microsoft hosted Exchange email solution for myself and my wife for several years. Yes, it’s kind of geeky, but we both rely on Outlook as our main email/contact/calendar tool and it’s worked well for us. Years ago I set up a catch-all email forward for my domain, so anything sent to any email address at would get sent to me.

Why would I do such a thing? To give myself protection from companies abusing my email address. When I sign up with a new company, the email address I give them is [email protected] When I do this in person, it makes some people practically go cross-eyed because they can’t understand how I could have an email address like that. 😜 Quite often I’ll get asked if I work for the company and when I say no it confuses them further. I always explain if someone wants to understand.

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Repeated Outlook 2007 Password Prompts with Hosted Exchange Account

A couple of weeks ago, I moved the remainder of my sites from 1&1 to Servage (that link will get you an extra 75 GB of storage) for my personal Web hosting, and among them was my wife’s domain. This domain is connected to a hosted Exchange account (4smartphone), and part of the move was setting up a the autodiscovery domain so Outlook can self-configure. After the DNS changes were made, something strange started happening with Outlook on both my wife’s desktop and netbook: it would repeatedly prompt for the password. No password changes were made, and strangely enough, she could send and receive email even though every few minutes it would prompt her for the password. 4smartphone tech support wasn’t very helpful; they claimed it was an Outlook problem. After some sleuthing around, convinced that it was related to the DNS changes I made, I realized my mistake: I had created the autodiscover CNAME entry pointing at the wrong server name (EXCH016 instead of EXCH015). After updating the DNS record, within a few hours the problem was fixed – no more repeated password prompts in Outlook. So if you happen to have the same sort of problem, double-check your DNS records…