Someone Invent This: An Online Memories/Scrapbook Company

Sometimes I think about businesses or services that I wish existed, and create an imaginary list of features I’d create if I were launching them. Here’s one such company, centered around a sort of “next-generation” photo album. Photo albums today are pretty crude insofar as the methods by which they gather photos from external sources. Some allow you to pull in photos from Facebook, but I haven’t seen any particularly strong implementation. Here’s a list of ideas for such a service… Continue reading Someone Invent This: An Online Memories/Scrapbook Company

The Story Behind My Epic Photo Book Review


I spent nearly my whole day on Tuesday promoting – via email, Twitter, forum posts, etc. – the longest article I’ve ever published. The topic? A 12-way photo book review. It weighs in at more than 15,000 words, has 87 images on it, and 12 videos. It’s the result of 7 months of work, and took every ounce of effort and willpower for me to complete. I’m one of those people who finds it easy to start projects, but sometimes finds it hard to finish them – and when you’ve got a project this big, with this many spinning plates, pushing through to the end can be a real challenge. One of the unfortunate themes for me in 2008/2009 was “review overload” – I took on too many things to review, said yes too many times, and as a result had far too many things on my reviewer’s to do list…and with this photo book review, I didn’t want to be the guy who requested samples from 12 different companies then doesn’t finish the review. Real artists ship, so I gritted my teeth and pushed through to completion. It was hard – really hard – but I’m glad that I made it through to the end. Continue reading The Story Behind My Epic Photo Book Review