Someone Invent This: An Online Memories/Scrapbook Company

Sometimes I think about businesses or services that I wish existed, and create an imaginary list of features I’d create if I were launching them. Here’s one such company, centered around a sort of “next-generation” photo album. Photo albums today are pretty crude insofar as the methods by which they gather photos from external sources. Some allow you to pull in photos from Facebook, but I haven’t seen any particularly strong implementation. Here’s a list of ideas for such a service…

  • Partner with an image scanning company (or do it in-house); customers send you their physical memories (baby cards, tiny outfits, etc.),  you scan it (using the green screen scanning method) and add it to your account, then ship it all back (for a fee) or dispose of it
  • “AUTO AWESOME” of photos, automatically create collage layouts (Google has some great technology here)
  • Pull in Facebook, Twitter media + posts (Likebook is doing this now)
  • Let people dump their images from memory cards into the cloud system, it will arrange all of it based on time stamp, GPS location (if available), etc.
  • Create a phone app that lets people upload all their phone photos + videos, arrange it as above (time stamp, GPS, etc.). Make it beautiful, visual, and easy
  • Let other people contribute to the memories by submitting images, videos, etc. Create a collaborative system of memory sharing (ideal for birthday parties, etc.). Similar to a Facebook shared album (maybe use that as the back-end)
  • Chronologically build the book based on a variety of media types – photos pulled in from various sources
  • Automatically screen capture best moments of videos to still images for the physical output
  • Create a seller’s ecosystem where digital materials (backgrounds, graphics, etc.) can be sold and collected
  • Income will be generated from scanning, physical book making, permanent vanity URLs, premium online services (more storage, 1080p/4K video saving, etc.)
  • Get on Shark Tank for exposure 🙂